There is a point in life when is time to TURN. No matter left or right. You need to turn. Change your perspective, experiment diversity and look at the world  from another point of view.

There’s a time in life when you realize the egg around you has broken. When all the certainties are erased. In that single moment you are alone. Maybe you are in the middle of a crowd, together with many people who just got to know you. The one who liked you, a lot. Though, you are alone.

From now on everything is up to you. From now on all the people surround you. They speak and you don’t hear. They hug and you don’t feel. From this single moment you turned.

What can you see? Is there something interesting on the new path? What is your feeling?

No matter. The only thing that matter is that you made a TURN.

Everything else will come. there’s just  a need of time.

This blog is part of the turning point. This blog will be the mirror of how time will let this turning point be the one to create a standing out of the box.

This blog is for dreamers, for whoever is willing to turn in life.

This is aimed to be a place where WOW is for World of Wonderful.


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