8.00 pm GMT+3
A glass of beer. Soccer match on the TV: women football world championship. Latin Music on the background. beers and French fries.
Ever you ever heard you can be a sporty person doing it everyday? I did. Seems that main part of “being a sportive profile” is more an attitude then the real sport activity that you practice. Maybe.
What did sport mean to me? team playing? passion? hard work? resilience? enjoying participation?  Commitment?
Any difference from pub life? maybe.
I have seen another face of sport. I have seen thousands of young people standing for hours in the middle of a street waiting for their stadium ticket. Today was the final game of the National Premier League. Only 2 colors dressed. Brown and Green. Just one of them would have been The winner. maybe this is sport. at the end of the day either you win, either you don’t. No way of excuses. the 1st is 1st, the 2nd is none. Maybe sport is not just playing it, is true. Maybe is the sake of standing for hours waiting, maybe is the feeling of loosing that brings you a bit further. Maybe is the energy coming from the heart of a population willing to scream, to enjoy, to be passionate about something concrete, visible, tangible as a ball and as a score. Maybe is the awareness that after the match, if you are with the winners you will stay out all night long running in the street showing your pride. No matter cars, cargo, trucks, traffic, rains. You and your favorite team won, you deserve it. Maybe the reason why to see a match and to be passionate about sport, even without practically playing it is the simple fact that every human being needs to choice, to take decision, to have a standing. Maybe sport is one of the easiest way to practice it.

Before leaving from Italy I needed to study for demography exam. that kind of exam you face entering the classroom and right 5 minutes before the teacher is arriving you share with other classmates what you got from different arguments, and in that precise moment you feel that maybe you are right, maybe you didn’t understand anything. You can just go for it, risk and see. As in Life. You can just live.
One of the book to study was called “Logiche Affettive. L’influenza deli stati d’animo nelle scelte demografiche”,[ Prof. Micheli]. I did my best to understand it. finally, after reading, reading again, reading the synthesis, having done maps and tried to put a mental order on that I got the point: People need to have certainties, and if they cannot there’s something just irrationational pushing them towards they feel to be their best choice. Sometimes this is the only thing you can do. Sometimes is even the best one. You “just do it”.

10.00 am GMT+3
Travelling around Addis by taxi. Not the yellow ones you see going around new York in Telefilms or in Holliwood movies. Taxi concept in Addis is a “supposed to be” 8 paces van, blue and white form outside. Actually carrying from 12 to 16 people and stopping “on demand” in the main road of the city. Probably when in Europe car pooling was launched as the killer innovation against smog, if Ethiopian taxi drivers would have seen it on Satellite TV they would have made a deep laugh.
My “on demand” stop was in Meskel square, the same putting home back to 2-1 [See “cultural shock” post]. In front of me a huge 80 meters long advertisement of Ethiopian airlines. next to the flight, the Myth. Haile. No Need to add words to him. Simply a legend. The Legend. He is that kind of figure representing a nation. the heart of a nation. the will of a population to run. against poverty, towards education. Towards development. Towards the future. No matter of distances, no matter  of difficulties. Everyday running, looking for a new path. THere’s no need of a slogan, there’s no need of description. He is. and Ethiopia is running after and together with him. This is sport. Simple and full of sense, every step more.

11.30 am GMT+3
Standing in front of the Czech embassy to solve some international diplomacy issue. [Mission accomplished]. Looking around. the road is small, but full of suite up walking men. Maybe diplomatic. Running in the middle of the street 2 children play football. Mmhh. Not exactly football. I should rather say “footbottle”. Surprise. they don’t wear shoes, but they run after a bottle. A plastic bottle. One of the many plastic bottle all the upper class and international people use to drink water avoiding the tap. Are they enjoying? I hope. Is their right to.
From now on they are on holidays, will they spend all their summer playing like that? Maybe in 10 years they will be rich, walking on some perfectly maintained grass field of a 80.000 people stadium somewhere in the world. Maybe. Maybe they will be studying in University in Addis. Maybe not. I am not able to ask them what are they feeling playing with a plastic bottle instead of a ball. I would like to ask them if they dream doing it. I always thought sport is one of the best way of educating children. I have always seen it happening in Italy where you have 2 different pair of shoes to play according to the season and the level of water in the field, where every children has at least 1 ball to play with. Can sport still be a way of educating children? can sport bring social development? Can sport make u dreaming? Or you just dream by default?

This post is dedicated to one of the main important person for me. Today is her day when You can just be the vest. No matter what. 1st is 1st, 2nd is none.


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