Something I learned in Italy during these last 2 years is that the most effective way to understand a situation or even a reality is to do questions.
I wondered about it, I tried asking the most random question to people, and even without being aware of their power, I was just letting people telling their stories. “?” by “?” understood that what makes the difference between doing something for the sake of doing, for the need of doing it or because of  a purpose is the “reason why” behind it.

Sitting on a pub in Addis, 9 pm, female soccer world championship match Mexico – England is just over. There’s a girl sitting right next to me, she’s a friend. I never saw her before, I just got to know that she’s studying medicine, she just misses 2 year before her graduation. her parents are not in the field, but obviously they support her choice. She decided to make it, and she is one of the 250 students admitted every year to medicine faculty. I tried to know more, maybe she can be willing to leave to do her internship abroad, or maybe she would like to volunteer abroad in some social projects before graduate and maybe before doing a master abroad. She is not, at least not right now. She would like to work in a private clinic because is paid better. She would like to go abroad because she would be paid better. For now she knows she will get to know her master preferences i some months starting her period of work in the hospital during the last months of university.
“So, why you decided to do it?” that was THE question.
Because I was fascinated about being a doctor since childhood.
Yes, this is the most common answer you can get. There’s always something more. “there’s so much need”. “I don’t know exactly what I would like to do as doctor. After you finish, before having the chance to apply for your master you MUST spend 2 years in villages wherever in the country to take care of the health of disadvantages. I am not willing to go, because living conditions there are not proper: no electricity, no water. Many people dies there just because they don’t have the chance to arrive to the hospital or to access doctors.”

Yesterday, in the airport 2 european looking middle age men were keeping a paper: “Medicin sans frontiers”. In front of them 2 women landed from Frankfurt were smiling with their luggage and years of experiences shining in their eyes. “there’s so much need”

Strange. European and european looking people just come here because “there’s so much need”. African go to Europe studying because here “there’s so much need” of accessible living conditions that they are not willing to spend their time in villages. She even tells me “I do estimate them, because there’s nothing to will in living there.”

What’s wrong? what is the need we are feeling? Do we come to Africa because we feel someone’s need or because of our needs?


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