Leader is the one who makes people the 1st step forward the envisioned direction.

Sun, grass, soccer field, university students. It could have been wherever. It has been Addis Abeba.

What does leadership mean to me? I will not waste any of my space trying to re-read the way a person can become a leader, which can be the best way to be the next President of US, how to inspire your employees or where stands the gap between you and Steve Jobs. There are already too many books on the topic and too much business around it that it would be useless. Is a very simple question. Is probably one of the 1st question I heard when I 1st joined the organization I work for. I never thought it would have been so different to reply to it after 2 years of Leadership Experiences. I would have never imagined to reply to it sitting on the campus soccer field of Addis Ababa together with one Ugandan, one Ghanian, one Czech and another Italian girl. I would have never dreamt the reply to be such inspiring by himself.

“Leader is the one who makes people moving the 1st step forward towards the envisioned direction.”

Africa is not Europe. African Youth are not as european ones. We are different because we think different. Because we grow up differently. African countries are raising the question on democracy.

Is democracy the best and most effective way to run a country? Are democratic African countries the best examples for the continent on how to respect and exalt human rights? Where does a Leader stand on? What does make a person a leader? Are these the proper questions? Are they representing the reality? probably not. Is Leadership about politics? Is politics about leadership? Should it be?

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Today I would have a lot of answers, I am sure none of them will change the world, I am sure is better not to write them down, not here. Today I have a sentence. Nothing else then Words.

“Leader is the one who makes people the 1st step forward the envisioned direction.” No more questions, no more answers. A common understanding of our way of envisioning leadership. For the next generation. For one continent. For one city. For the youth of this city. For one year. Just for every single day of the upcoming year. To make a change. To bring a change. Simply. With the very single step, in the right direction.



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