Gera Gera. Mexico Gera Mexico. The clearest scream I can tell of from Addis Taxi drivers. here even transportation is a matter of creativity. probably even more. Taxi drivers are not simply creative and innovative. They are the king of logistic and supply management.

If you are reading from Europe take the car machine. switch it on. Select a period between 1975 and 1985. Are you surrounded by vans? That 8 seats vans, as the fashionable Volkswagen symbol of hyppie revolution some years ago.
Leave romanticism. Focus on the van. As you can see there are 3 seats on the front and a variable number of seats behind the driver. From 5 to 7. isn’t it?
look at them. Aren’t they comfortable? Aren’t they even fashionable and inspiring some hot movements on summer nights? If yes, leave it, this i snot the moment to focus on such thoughts ; )
go back to the seats. Imagine you numerous family sitting on them. Or imagine all your friends jumping on that. Excited. You are going for holidays. And finally you all 8 can fit on the van. Very comfortable.

Time Machine On. 2011. European Time. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
in front of you the same Van. the luggage space is not there anymore. Instead you can see at least 3 rows of double seats and a final one, exactly on the glass with 3 seats.
Seems to be still comfortable.
Mexico. destination chosen. who knows, maybe is even gonna be sunny, spanish with a bit of latin and a bit of US culture. Maybe. For sure, it’s gonna be a trip.

Mexico is a square. But it has been funny to dream for a while. Maybe many young people of addis are dreaming the same when taking a taxi to Mexico. Unfortunately I am still too European to know it.

I am sitting, I can even say comfortably together with other 7 workers reaching their office in the morning. Mexico, Mexico. The 14 years old looking like guy of the taxi screams out of the window. Ok, maybe another person in the last row can still fit.
The taxi stops. 8 Chinese are standing together with an Ethiopian couple and their 2 children.
Doors opened. And the miracle Happens. The young guy is letting ALL these new stakeholders joining the taxi. 4 people per row, 3 on the space between the door and the seats. We are on it, what else?

I see George Clooney, one cup of Italian Coffee, Espresso. he is appearing in all his beauty, he smiles to a sexy girl: Nespresso, What else?

I would love him to appear i this circumstance. Smiling. What else?

On saturdays I used to read a very interesting magazine about news, reportage and fashion. Once there was a special interview to some doctors speaking about the problem of obesity in US and how is it affecting even flight business. Overweight is becoming such a problem that the main part of US flying companies are forced to produce larger seat on their plane to allow a huge percentage of their customers to seat properly.
Funny coincidences.
Are you going to Gothera? NO. no smile. No other infos. NO. what else? Here customer care is  an unknown concept. Maybe that’s why taxi drivers can be such innovative with logistic.

Is the abolition of customer care the way to bring back a new era of development in logistic for european IT provided companies?

Going back to our time machine. Let’s turn it on again.  select US, 1955.
Can you see that yellow school bus? the same that you could have seen in the main part of telefilms shown in Europe in the last 30 years? can you see it? can you remember it being in everything related to High school times from Happy days to Grease? When I was child I just dreamt to use it to go to school. unfortunately I lived my times until secondary school walking 5 minutes to school. And when it has been my time to go to high school my small city in the centre-north of Italy was provided of brand new buses going by Metan gas.
July 2011. Addis, Ethiopia.
This is my time. In front of me a yellow and green striped bus. Probably it is coming directly back form the 50s. windows are brown due to the raining season. The vintage glory is still there. You can see all the ages through which he could have passed. the motor and the fuel used probably the same.

I was wondering: is it transportation bringing social development is community development bringing transportation?


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