Does transportation bring development to a country?

May 2009, Milano, Università Cattolica.
Car Pooling. The new sustainable mobility trend. Either High speed ways in Italy are starting having a preferred way for paying taxes for Car Pooling Users.

Family memories, Parents:
“when I was child I was not going on holidays. I was just coming back from my college lost in the mountains to meet my brothers, sisters and parents. When we married we started going on holidays on the seaside to sunbathe, breathe some air and relax during the mandatory weeks of holidays of the factory. We were leaving on a FIAT 128 or FIAT 600. Compared to our current car it was more or less 1/3.
But we were fitting in 4 or 5 with luggages. Every trip was such an adventure. But we were very happy and cars dimension were like that, so no expectations of being more comfortable then that.”

Are we sure Car pooling is such an innovative concept?

Family Memories, Grand Mother:
Elementary school time. Our teacher asked us to write a composition. Topic: being a child in the ’20s.
Going to my grandmother, turning page after page a black and white photo album of her childhood. the best one has been made on the Adriatic sea. On the beach. 50 children, just one of the part of the colony. July. Gray shiny sun on the sky. Every child dressed up on the swimming suite. black and white stripes. Going on holidays was not a luxury, gist a must. The Regime wanted everyone to go. To make sure children would have grown up properly. Strong and health. One way or another, was a long trip out of the city. Discovering a new part of the world.

At least of the country.


Addis, 2011. Final day of exams in University. Graduation Party. Pictures, Family. Dark Blue dress and cap. Smiles. Now is time for summer break. Holidays. Vacation. What are you planning to do on summer? Where do you usually go for holidays?
Holidays? Addis. Working, maybe. Hanging around. Relaxing. Staying at home.
I always thought truism was a common reality all around the world. I always thought my parents stories of their childhood going on holidays 50 km out of my city was just a story from the past. I am sorry. I was wrong.
For the biggest part of people in the world, at least for the 98% of Ehiopian People Holidays and Vacation are already different concept. Tourism is a sweet unknown.

What will bring tourism development? What will make people able to afford holidays and travels?

Interesting evening discussion: How to reach Kenia from Addis in a cheap way? How to reach Addis from Uganda in a cheap way?
Flight. Flight? Does it seem to be the cheapest way to travel? What about car? We don’t have a car. We cannot rent because we don’t have driving licence.
Bus? is slow, dirty, not cheap and roads out of the city are totally sandy or rocky.
Also, the boarders are not safe. No way to cross the country by bus.

No train lines in all the country. NO RAILWAYS. NO TRAINS.

Brescia, 1994 – 2010
Summer. Evening. Average temperature 30 degrees.
Public television program seem to forget about cultural activities. Seems that italians go on holidays switching off tv. Is that maybe the TV channel willing italians to switch off television? [that would probably mean I grew up in an advanced country..maybe]
My father and I, sitting on a plastic comfortable beach chair. Watching TV. Not every program, just one channel. Far west movies. the desert, horses, guns, background music, the volume increasing, increasing, cow boys running. “Arrivano i nostril”. The hero jumping on a train, fighting. Happy ending.
What  a summer experience. Every summer.
I have been thought by my father that one of the reason why english and irish colonies where conquering US land has been the railway line. The fastest and most effective way to connect very very far places moving resources, minerals, people.

Why in this country there’s not a railway?
Can’t the railway be the mean to bring development to many rural areas?
wouldn’t be a big step ahead to built up 2 lines connecting north to south and east to west? wouldn’t it mean to give to thousand of people the chance to move from city to country side for trading, education, medicines, healthcare, business?
wouldn’t it donate to many citizen the chance to be nearer to the city even while leaving in the rural areas? to access clinics, offices, services, to do shopping of specific furnitures?
Wouldn’t it bring even more national unity and integration?

would the train avoid a lot of pollution?
Would a train move a country?


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