22 June 2011. Malpensa – Il Cairo.
I am sitting next to the window. As always, I am super happy to be near the window to look at the panorama around. As always, I am on the wing. ; (
I am listening to music, the movie is over. it was funny, That kind of almost romantic comedy which I like. [My friends use to tell me that I cannot watch any other type of phantasy/vampire/ supposed to be serious movie because I am too clever and I do too many questions to make sure I am finding the meaning of things. unfortunately, Many movies are suppose dot be seen to let you thinking about something else ]
I open my laptop, I read again my last letter for ALL the friends I have met in these 2 years of my AIESEC experience. In il cairo I will send it. I would have never wanted, but a tears fall. It’s hard to leave. But it will be the best experience of my life. I am sure of it.

23 July 2011. Addis Ababa. 3 am.
I am sitting on a sofa. Is in the lounge of the most fancy pub of the city. Next to me one Egyptian Engineer. I met him last week for  a business meeting. I thought he was a 35 years old manager. During the week we met again [together with my team and one of his colleagues] for a dinner in a fancy traditional place and I discovered he is just 26 and he is a strongly interesting person. We enjoyed the night in the week. We enjoyed the night tonight. We are sitting on this sofa [OMG, what a feeling! A sofa! I am sleeping on a mattress which is supposed to be the best quality mattress, government owned].
We are discussing about Leadership, inspiring people, dream, change the world, the power of youth. We are not drunk. At all.

May 2011. Milano.
Party, The last party of my conference in Italy. Global village. Fuoco dell’Etna. 1 shot, 2 shot, 3 shot. Wine. Beer. Dancing. Lights, music. Last personal chat with one of the person that has changed my life this year. Bed. No other memories of the night. Just slept over.

For very may reasons, This has used to be the only way I have been able to start dancing during party for the last 3 years. My friends now think I don’t drink. At all. Just sometimes during parties. My friend have seen me dancing just during the few parties I have attended during conferences. All the other nights of these past 3 years has been spent working, studying or, in case, speaking. No alcohol. No dance.

23 July 2011.
It’s one month since I am in Africa, in Addis Ababa. In the capital city of a country among the poorest in the world. Everyday I read updates about the country on international newspaper. They speak about poverty and humanitarian emergency. I am here, and without reading them I would have not noticed anything. Also this is part of living in a developing country. specially this i sprat of being European in an African Developing country. You meet international people probably here for volunteering, diplomacy or business. And they are young, smart and talented. When you go out you meet the richest part of the society, the one dressing as it would be Milano city centre. You go out sometime to enjoy and spend time with friend. And it can happen to spend 4 hours in a disco looking like the best disco in Italy, cool music, people from all around the world. Dance. Yo have nothing else to think about. Dance as the world is yours. As there’s nothing to worry about. As the Ghanean guy dancing with you is your childhood friend and the Egyptian manager is your party-mate. Dance, because is the best way to go with the music. No need of alcohol to start. No need of alcohol to enjoy. No will to forget one single minute of this night.
Happy birthday to me. Happy 1month in Addis.

[this post is dedicated to all the people that know all what is behind “the very many reasons”].


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