Addis 25th June 2011
raining night. Bole. A drink and my first Ethiopian friends showing me how people are used to enjoy the night. Someone dance. Someone chat. As must, hip hop or typical amaric music playing. Given the fact that I am from Italy, they have some Advices for me. Don’t make out in public. I won’t, for the simple bottleneck to have a boyfriend who lives in Italy. But just in case, It’s good to know.

Brescia, religion Lesson, 5th year high school, 2008
Good morning teacher. <<will I sleep in the class today? will it be interesting?>>
She is standing with fancy levi’s 501, from the beginning of the ’90s, white shirt, chignon and some hairs falling on her face. lesson of the day: why to have sexual relations after marriage. Interesting lesson, involving debate.

Back to Addis, 25th June 2011
Next to my table, 2 youth kissing. very hardly. “wasn’t it forbidden?!?”

US Embassy, 5th August 2011
Party. Green grass until 20 metros from the externals walls. security control. Welcome in the US. is a strange feeling. I am not passionately in love with US. i am to dreaming to live in NY city since I am born. But, I must admit, feeling like being in US for an evening is awesome. Everything cleaned, ordered, comfortable.
People in the party are mostly young and international. 15 of them have just come back from Peace Corp training. Tomorrow they are living to their destination all around the country. They will live their 2 years. “why have you chosen to come here and to spend 2 years like that?” “I want to become a doctor, and I need an added value on my CV”  ” I want to help” “It’s gonna be an experience after my bachelor, and I don’t really know what I wanna do after that”
They are just 222 years old, and they will represent their country and maybe the international community doing social activities, mainly focused on education. Educate teachers on how to educate children. Educating doctors on how to operate. It’s gonna be an experience.
They will be speaking local languages almost all the time. Eshi. They will be provided with basic survival products for emergencies and to maintain basic hygienic standard conditions. US is taking care of their citizens.
Having fun the last night in the civil society. Playing pools, hand soccer and drinking some cocktails. Against my team, 2 guys. they work for the red cross and other NGOs. right, left, score. 1-0. they’re good together. what is better than a lovely, intense, sincere, passionate kiss to celebrate?
This is signing the main distance between US and Ethiopia. Or Africa. More than the security, the high walls and the green grass all around the borders.

I have been told Africa is a continent with a lot of hypocrisy, especially in term of relationships. You can be straight. In fact, there are no spaces not to be. Straight.

Addis sky still cloudy. “Kiss the rain”


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