I am back.
back to the point of my life where I feel I am the only one responsible of what is gonna be next with me. Back to the place where I can decide if to lie or if to live.

Addis Ababa, Saturday morning, 6 am
1st Alarm clock. Maybe I can still lie on the bed.
2nd Alarm clock. I really want to do sport. I really like playing soccer. I do want to run and go to discover who will be there, if I really a still capable to make it.
3rd Alarm. I want to be the kind of person walking the talk. I promised I would have been there, at 7 instead of at 6, but I would have been there. Out is almost sunny. I Jump [from the upper floor of my double bed].
5 minutes to get ready.
Years of volleyball tough me how to dress up quickly for sport. Years of growing up in Italy though me that coolness comes from your way of being. 24/7. 5 minutes can definitely be enough to combine the best clothes to play soccer. Top, blue t-shirt, nike white and red men swimming suite shorts, white gym shoes, hair keeper. Ready.

Somewhere in my life from 1994 till 2002
Ball in the middle and the game starts. Basket field dimension. basket structure as goal. 3 people in the team. Who scores is in. Who loose is out and come back later.
I am on the top of it. The game is fast. 1 touch of the ball,1-2-1 kick. you don’t really think while playing. you know where your teammates are, you know where the ball should be for them. You just act. you just do it.
Every afternoon, every season. Only thought in mind: enjoy the game to win.
the more you win the more you play ; )
“the ball is your bestfriend” (Holly & Benji – cartoon).

I had one dream: be the 1st girl playing in the national male championship.

7am: EiABC South Campus. In the basket field people are already playing. I am in.
what will people think? does it really matter what do they think?
The game is fast and in amharic. Shit.
I don’t know what’s going on around me but in the end I just need to look at the ball. If there’s something I really need to know they will tell me in english.
I run, up and down, dribbling, stop, pass, go back, defend, attack.
I just feel back home.

After more than 1 month without posts, after all the things that has changed my life in these 30 days, I am back writing about a soccer game. Maybe is true. Maybe simplest things are the ones which are actually impacting our lifes  the most. we just need to recognize them,

see you next saturday, Addis Ababa, EiABC Southern Campus, 7 am


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