EiABC, Addis Ababa, Jan 2012
Sitting in a fancy house, african design, european order. WIth me 3 ethiopian students, one AIESEC teammate, the Managing Director of the Ethiopian institute or Architecture, Building Construction, City Development. Purpose of the meeting: Define policies and framework for students involvement in university activity. Goal: make the campus becoming a benchmark for the all universities in Africa. Ambitious, awesome.
AIESEC is present in the university to offer international internship and volunteering opportunities to ethiopian students and to expose them to an international environment through a platform aiming to empower youth to develop socially impacting projects for their community. We sit there to use our experience as a driver and consult them on how to excel. But mostly we sit there because we want AIESEC to  engage every young person in the world. And the University is a good starting point ; )

UCSC, Milano 16th Nov 2011
110/110 cum Laude – UCSC Milano
What this has meant to me?
Be curious, Learn; know people; rush; forget to have week-ends; have 28/30 as the minimum standard, 30/30 as an average, compromise on it; be happy; be tired; be interested; engage; raise my hand; spend 4 hours in the train, everyday; loose the train, study on the train; study; repeat, Draw maps; explain and support; give back to my family, hope to spend time on something useful, create idea, network, volunteer; Be an AIESECer. Rebuild a Local Chapter, offer opportunities, grow personally, be ambitious, dream big, achieve bigger; discover people; understand the value of friendship; work, work, work; be popular; Leave, live in Ethiopia, study every night, Hope, be interested, Be Graduated. Have a piece of paper stating the result of all these: 110/110 cum Laude.


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