What is NOW WOW?
NOW WOW is the feeling of looking at the sunshine after a raining day. NOW WOW is the emotion of Painting, imaging portraits of excellence. NOW WOW is staying open mouth in front of 30/30 with mention. NOW WOW is run until the top of a mountain and breathtaking feeling the king of the world.

NOW WOW is ACT to create our own Word Of Wonderfull, NOW is about us to make it WOW. NOW is the time to MAKE TODAY MATTER. NOW is the time to make something unique every day. WOW is for people who are special.

We want to be the one to create NOW WOW époque. We want to be the leader of WOW, from NOW on. [freely edited from aiesecitaly.blogspot.com]

Debre Zeit, Ethiopia Jan 2011

Sunshine. Hot weather. Roads are grounded and mostly travelled by horseriden carts. Immediately out of the street immense landscapes of grass, thef, fla. At the end some green hills. Welcome to the Ethiopian Countryside. Houses in town are mostly one floor tall, few rooms with multiple uses; kitchen, living room, sleeping space. The difference with the one in the countryside out of towns and villages is that here they mostly have power and water flowing. Some new part of the city are being constructed as the main zones of Addis with condominiums. The country is growing, very fast, according to someone even too much fast, and as it grows goes higher.

We are travelling to a resort, supposed to be a very fancy and expensive place for a business meeting. We have been picked up and reached the place. Three G house and in front a big space totally sandy. Around just fields and some trees. ” We are plannign to have a swimming pool”.

6 Months before, Addis Ababa, Gothera Condominium, AIESEC Ethiopia MC house:

Arianna has just arrived from Rome, she will live with us for the next 2 months. I strongly want to make her feeling confortable and avoid her any cultural shock. Our compound is probably the safest place of the city, and at the end one of the most expensive, compared to Ethiopian standards. But very far to be comparabel with fancy houses of internationals. Gothera is a new place of Addis and even if the houses are ready, the gardens in between are still to be set, and it will be up to the neighbours



I might be wrong, but I kind of feel the same way she did.

Our meeting will be inside. We move to discover the place, without any expectations.

And here is when knew we were wrong, and we felt amazed.


I started writing this blog after having delivered a speech to a whole plenary of youth, talking about the fact that “the essential is invisible to eyes”. [Antoine de Saint Exupery – Le Petit Prince]

Delivering that speech has marked the turning point of my life and has probably been the very beginning of my trip to Ethiopia. I am back to it. Now. WoW.




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