No ethic without aesthetic [Soren Kierkegaard]

Since the most ancient time, the easiest way to transmit knowledge and pass concept has been to invent legends and stories. They allow our brain to connect experiences and concrete images to abstract and moral concepts. This application is made following the same principle, because we struggle to communicate what AIESEC is in simple ways, and I believe telling stories can make the difference. When Walt Disney has said “It’s kind of Fun to do the impossible” he meant exactly the process of inventing funny, simple, accessible ways to represent what would have needed so many more words to be told. And by doing it he has impacted the life of billions of children all over the world. In each page there are images of cartoons representing stories with a message from each continent. I have chosen them because storytelling is about human being, to make it effective is a matter of targeting the audience and customize the message accordingly. Next to the image there’s a small text in grey to make sure that even if you are not Disney’s customer you are getting the message.
No ethics without aesthetics is part of Kierkegaard’s manifesto of existentialism. He used this statement to explain that there cannot be real beauty without ethics and values. Companies and organisations must facilitate, educate, inspire an ethical message to meet the needs of tomorrow’s emotional consumers. AIESEC can move closer to 2015 by promoting value-driven impact to young people through experiences that we deliver to them and to the society. We can differentiate our organization thanks to our showcased values.

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