It takes an instant to get passionated. Without control. it just happens. It takes years, day after day to explore it, let this feeling flow into you. It takes courage to step up and stand for actions passion driven. It takes sacrifices, social interactions and moments of celebration to feel you are moving towards your purpose.
It can take one conversation to change your life. After all, it might not be up to you to draw what’s going to be next.

It’s up to you to choose to believe:
1.However it goes, is going to be the best thing that can happen
2.If is not an happy ending, is not the end.

I choose to believe it, and start unleash my desires, focus on them and formulate wishes around them to draw the next step.

To realize your wishes is considered a non-negotiable condition while looking for happiness. As a paradox, we live the sunset of desire. Desire is today a used and abused word. We look more comfortable with desiring, more free. In reality this freedom overlaps with caprice, because it refuses every responsibility. The freedom of caprices without limits is not related with the desire. To desire is a must, a due, a vocation. In front of my desire I am always in a position of responsibility. What will I do with it?

High-Res Stock Photography: African American boy photographed from behind wearing…

We might assist to the desire of enjoy, characterized by a move to consume, to strive for a stronger emotion, to look for something new. The paradox is that this desire does not generate any satisfaction.  We end up being compressed in a rush to joy without relationships, without words, without feelings. It seems that we desire without love, because love needs connections and limits to freedom.
We allude ourself to be in a reality owned by me, myself and I.
What is this ends up being proved wrong and fool?
Authentic freedom is not to deny to be dependent from someone, rather its assumption.

This is why the lesson of desire is important. Desire remembers us that we are not complete, but there’s something we miss. We are nurtured by the desire of who lives next to us.

Lancan used to write: “Human desire is the desire of the other”.
Our desire needs to stay, to remember us that style is singular and unrepeatable.
This is why the desire is always against conformism. At the same time, to maintain relationships we need a space for loneliness and our beauty.
We might need to give back authority to diversity to rebuild our living together, the common good and the community.
Can the ethic of sobriety really become the antidote to  consumeristic bulimia?
It might not, since as human beings we need to dream, not just to do sacrifices, renounces, follow rules.
Our personal growth does not relate with our ability to sacrifice and be disciplined. At least this is not all. It relates with impulse, creativity, planning.
The desire names this attitude of humans to overcome the existent, challenge the status quo, look for a new horizon.

I am on my road, desiring to build my future. And this time is going to be in 2.


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