I started my blog with the aim of sharing my thoughts about innovation, will, dreams, society, people, stories. It’s a blog about the world, about others, about cities, about populations, about lifes. But maybe is just a blog about me. It’s about my way of looking at the world, about my life experiences, presents, pasts and futures.

It’s about stories of diverse realities, or diverse ways of living realities.

It’s a blog about democracy and the power of freedom of thought. It’s about the power of giving word to people.

I really would love people to get to know me through my thoughts and stories. That’s just me. Is simple. Just the stories that I live. At least, just the way I live them.

I see “Go out of the box” to be a philosophy in living style. I way of approaching situations. The way of looking around you thinking that everything could be different. Better or worst, but different.

At the end, what is “the BOX”?


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