Contemnite omnia quae supervacuus labor velut ornamentum ac decus ponit; cogitate nihil praeter animum esse mirabile, cui magno nihil magnum est.
[Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium, I , 8]

Depreciate everything that puts a useless effort as ornament and shine; think that nothing is to be admired apart from soul, according to which, if it is big, there’s nothing big.

What does define Richness and Poverty?
Which criteria should be used to define a country as a poor one?

What is Happiness about?

What is the economical bottom-line for poverty?

This is a social experiment. And a personal challenge to engage all the world, especially youth, in defining what do we want to be richness to be about in the next years.
This is to give youth the power to experiment, feel and act to define how do we want to better capitalize on our world’s resources.

This experiment stands on the assumption that:
It’s kind of fun to do the impossible

FUN because however you will feel while reading the basic instructions of the campaign, the main rule should be that we do it to enjoy our life better, to make difficult conditions and challenges a funny and joyful experience.
THE IMPOSSIBLE because sometimes we set limits and limitations based on  our cultural background, based on external factors coming from the environment we grow up in.
DO IT, simply do it, because experience is the best mean to learn.
Do it, and u will feel it’s kind of fun and is REALLY Possible.

1) Set your economic target expense per meal according to your country.
2) Make picture of it before, during or after eating
3) Show your joy
4) DO not starve – that does not make you feeling happy
5) You can try innovative ways of cooking and capitalizing on food
6) You must share pictures/images/feelings of your experience

Do you want to be the one setting a trend?
Do you want to be the one inspiring many other youth to eat healtier, save resources, not waste money?

7) Just do it, and MAKE IT POSSIBLE.


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