Title: AIESEC University


AIESEC in 2015 is not just the biggest student-run organization: it is also recognized as online University based on 3.0 approach and “1×365” initiative, a program involving 365 personalities worlwide who are delivering online lessons on the virtual platform one day each. Thanks to this, each AIESECer in the world is actively a student and each young person can become a University student. Exams and marks are given to students according to the impact generated on societies by their projects made by international teams lead by AIESECer themselves. The international community recognizes AIESEC as peacekeeper.


December 10th, 2015.

Globe Round.

Milano, 9.00 am. Giulia, 35 years, is combing her blond hairs, putting on a thin red lipstick line, a touch of mascara and a dash of black eyeliner for her deep green eyes.


Baroda, 12.00 am. Tanuj, 19. Jacket of important occasion, shoes covered with dust because of the travel from the city on a yellow rickshaw. In front of the screen with him 100 students of 17. As Tanuj, all the other indian AIESEC members are switching on their laptop in front of a crowd of people in villages and metropolitan suburbs.


Monrovia, 8.00 am. Andrea, 21 from Belgium and Rachel, 22 from Singapor. They arrived last summer with backpack, camera and a diplomatic Visa. They are part of an AIESEC initiative involving the Ministery of Education to increase alphabetism ration in Liberian Villages. They are just 2 of the 1000 AIESEC volunteers involved. Andrea wants to be a teacher, Rachel dreams to work for UN. She switches on the electricity generator. Lesson starts.


Mexico City, 2.00 am. Yavel, 23, is sleeping. Tomorrow morning alarm clock is at 8. First sms of the day is for his boyfriend, Lucas. First phone call is going to be to his Member Committe team. Everyone needs to be punctual in the office. Tomorrow lesson will be a recording, but the Prime Minister of Mexico is ready to invest on “Ecologically moving vehicles development” program. AIESEC will be HR provider for it.


Tokio, 9.00 pm. Naoto, 18. Underground travel to home will be 1 hour. After the “Youth to Business”event of today he can’t wait to attend his 1st AIESEC Class. Ipad working by solar energy is on, headphones are on. It seems that AIESEC could be his turning point after high school.

Click back to Italy.

Giulia is ready, webcam is on. Signature tune: Pollini playing Piano Concertos n°2, Brahms. Blue words appearing: Innovation; Involvement, Curiosity, Dream, Ambition for a World of Wonderful.

AIESEC University: “1×365” Initiative.

Giulia is just one of the entrepreuners part of the yearly AIESEC University initiative. The program involves 365 young worl leaders, one diverse per day. During the day each one of them is telling his/her story, delivering a session about a specific managerial issue and stays available to meet students worlwide. Thanks to 3.0 AIESEC University platform, entrepreuners and personalities like Giulia have been selected from each country of the globe and students are directly involved in creating, managing and delivering some other sessions as well.

Giulia is really glad to be part of the program. She didn’t thought it could have happened to be here 5 years ago when she started her own business together with other 5 friends among AIESEC Alumni. She had travelled the world working on Public Relation for different multinational companies, also taking part to Bejing Olympic Games Organization Commitee.

It had been an hard choice to leave that career, but now she couldn’t have ever imagined somehting better. They started the first reCycled vehicles producing company.

Now they are the leader of utility vehicles in AP, Mena, Africa, Europe and South America. North America is next goal.

These 3 seats cars are completely made by recicling inorganic waste (plastic and its derived and some steel) and the engine is working by organic waste.

100% recycled + 0% footprint = 100% impact.

After the killing idea, Giulia thinks the critical success factor for the company is that they have 50% workers who are AIESEC interns coming from 110 Countries. Youth, Diversity of background and Aligned values of people working on almost all the field from R&D, Marketing, HR, Finance, Engeneering is incomparable.

After storytelling and lesson is time for Q&A and sharing of ideas by students and AIESEC Alumni attending the class. Some will be live, all the rest scheduled for next days and weeks.

Students subscribed to “Sustainable Business Course” need to work in an international team for 6 months, visiting one different continent and developing with their team a project to have a positive impact on the society they are targeting. Exam mark will be based on impact generated counted on: people involved, Leadership Role Developed, other intenrational internship generated and physical outcomes of the initiative.

Online counter of presence to the class states: 500 milions viewers online.

Before the end of the Q&A a message is appearing on the screen:

“December the 12th 2015 Lessons will not be delivered.

International Plenary of students is invited to follow the ceremony of Nobel Peace Prize live from Oslo. The President of AIESEC International will be awarded for the immense contribution AIESEC has given to the humanity in its 67 years of story and for the positive impact generated on communities of AIESEC University. For the 1st time on history, more than 75% of young people can have free access to University Education.”


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